Update 5: previous code partially merged with the new class

In the last week I merged the code written for the previous thesis with my new code and I added the support for calibration file to my multithreading class “ImStream”.
Thus, the new TO DO list is:
.Add support to yaml calibration file;
.Merge the existing datamatrix_detection_node and datamatrix_calculations_node;
.Use POSIT ( http://code.opencv.org/projects/opencv/wiki/Posit ) to estimate the relative pose;
.Optimize the code.

I have also tried to optimize the library libdmtx in order to improve the perfomance, but without good results.
According to many programmers whom have already used that library, there is not a solution for this since the library is not well optimized and no longer maintained.

Furthermore, the position of the edges returned by this library is not accurate.  It will be very hard obtain good results with the POSIT library if I use the edge positions provided by libdmtx.
One possible solution might be to develop a chessboard-like algorithm to find all the edges, and then find the relative pose.


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