Package atlasmv_gazebo_plugin finished

Hello! I have finally finished  the simulator that I will use in order to test my algorithms and to quantify the accuracy of my localization system.  At the very beginning I have thought that I would have finished all this part in a week or two, but I had to face many unexpected problems.
Gazebo is not very user friendly at the beginning, and often the documentation is deprecated, this means that the examples sometimes does not work properly.
Another problem was creating  a custom object in order to simulate an A4 sheet of paper. I have spent days trying to use Blender and Meshlab but I wasn’t unable to apply the texture correctly.

Example of Datamatrix in Gazebo

Example of Datamatrix in Gazebo

At the end I have found out that the easiest way to do that was to use Google SketchUp (which works only on Windows and Mac) both to create the 3D model and to apply the texture.  Then, I have exported the model in COLLADA format (.dae) and directly imported it in a custom .world file. The result is really good. The only problem is that it is necessary to manually create a different model for each datamatrix.

Example of world populated with a robot, two sheet of paper (0.21x0.29m - A4) and a some objects

Example of world populated with a robot, two sheet of paper (0.21×0.29m – A4) and a few objects

Regarding the robot model, I have used as starting base the ackermann_vehicle package, written by Jim Rothrock. This package include a simple ackermann vehicle with a camera and a IMU and a controller to control the steering angle and the speed of the robot.
I have edited this model in order to have a similar dimension (in particular the same wheelbase length) of the AtlasMV and I have added two cameras:  one that looks backward and one that looks forward.
Finally, I wrote an interface in order to control the simulated robot with a xbox 360 controller in the same way that it is possible to control the real one.

Now, thanks to this package, It will be easier to test the localization system and, in future, also a navigation system.


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